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Frequently Asked Questions

What is First 5 Tuolumne?
First 5 Tuolumne is the region’s primary organization for promoting the health and well-being of children during the most critical years of development – from the prenatal stage through age 5. First 5 Tuolumne’s invests in programs and advocates for policies focused on children ages 0 through 5 to ensure they are healthy, are loved and nurtured, and enter school as ready to learn.
Where does First 5 Tuolumne get its funding?
California voters approved Proposition 10 in November 1998, which allows First 5 San Diego and other county First 5 Commissions to use a 50-cent tax on tobacco products to fund programs for children ages 5 and under. Additionally, Tuolumne County receives a Small County Augmentation from First 5 California, to ensure there is enough funding to maintain quality programming.
Does First 5 Tuolumne offer any childcare programs or resources?
While First 5 Tuolumne does not offer childcare programs, Infant Child Enrichment Services is Tuolumne County’s Resource and Referral agency for low or no cost childcare.  Please visit www.icesagency.or or call 209-533-0377.
Why do you invest in early childhood?
Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically in the first five years and that caregiving during these years shapes the way a child learns, thinks, and behaves for the rest of his or her life. Proposition 10 was passed by California voters to fund health and education programs that take advantage of this critical time in development and provide children with a strong foundation.

Numerous studies have confirmed that investing in the early years reduces the need for more expensive tax payer-funded services later, such as foster care, special education, and welfare programs. First 5 investments are giving Contra Costa’s children the foundation they need to succeed in school and life.

How did First 5 Tuolumne determine funding priorities?
Prop. 10 directs each county to create a strategic plan outlining how it will allocate the funding locally to support young children and their families.

First 5 Tuolumne’s strategic plan is based on extensive community input, our experience implementing Proposition 10 for nearly 20 years, and current research and successful practices in the early childhood development field.