Proposition 10

Strategic Results 

In November 1998, California voters passed Proposition 10, the “Children and Families Act of 1998” initiative. The act levies a tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products to provide funding for early childhood development programs. Revenues generated from the tobacco tax must be used to enhance the early growth experiences of children, enabling them to be more successful in school and ultimately to give them an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Revenues must be used for the following specific purposes:

  • To create a comprehensive and integrated delivery system of information and services to promote early childhood development;

  • Support parenting education, child health and wellness, early child care and education, and family support services; and

  • Educate Californians on the importance of early childhood development and smoking cessation.

Tobacco tax revenues are collected at the state level. Eighty percent of these funds are then allocated to the 58 counties according to annual birth rates. The remaining twenty percent of the money is allocated to First 5 California to support statewide programs, research, and media campaigns.


The First 5 Tuolumne County Commission promotes and supports the development of integrated resources that will:

  • strengthen families and support safe home environments,
  • strengthen early care and education environments, and
  • improve children’s health.


Tuolumne County is child -friendly, values families and respects and honors the diversity of its residents.

Citizens of Tuolumne County recognize that home and child care settings are critical contexts for children’s development in the early years.

All Tuolumne County children will thrive in supportive, nurturing and loving family and community environments, enter school healthy and ready to learn and become productive members of the community.