Our People

First 5 Commissioners

Legislative Mandated Positions

County Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Anaiah Kirk, Vice Chair

Alternate: Supervisor Ryan Cambell

County Health Officer

Dr. Robert Bernstein

Alternate: Ruth Caldwell

Children’s Services, Public Health, Behavioral Health, or Social Services

Designated Alternate:
Cori Allen, Treasurer

Alternate: Rebecca Espino

Community Representative Commissioners

Cathy Parker
Tuolumne County Superintendent of SchoolsChair

Annie Hockett
Tuolumne Resiliency Coalition

Laura Sunday
Center for a Nonviolent Community

Dee Keshner
Community Member

Community Representative Designated Alternate Commissioners

Donna Fone
Behavioral Health
Mental Health Services Act Coordinator


Mayra Patey
Special Education Program Specialist
Tuolumne County Superintendet of Schools

Alternate Vacancy

Director of First 5 Tuolumne
Sarah Garcia
Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools