Our People

First 5 Commissioners

Legislative Mandated Positions

County Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Anaiah Kirk, Commission Vice-Chair

Alternate: Supervisor David Goldemberg

County Health Officer

Designated Alternate: Lisa Hieb-Stock

Alternate: Vacant

Children’s Services, Public Health, Behavioral Health, or Social Services

Designated Alternate:
Michelle Clark, Commission Chair

Alternate: Vacant

Community Representative Commissioners

Cathy Parker
Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools

Jared Martin
Anthem, Medi-Cal Health Plan

Laura Sunday
Center for a Nonviolent Community


Dee Keshner
Community Member, Treasurer

Community Representative Designated Alternate Commissioners



Mayra Patey
Special Education Program Specialist
Tuolumne County Superintendet of Schools

Pam Orebaugh
Center for a Non-Violent Community

Devon Woodruff,
Community Member