What We Do

Improve Child Health

Working together to build a family-centered health system that prioritizes prevention.

Are you interested in whether your child’s development is on track?  We offer two different screening tools for parents. 

Social Emotional Developmental Screening OnlineAges and Stages Developmental Screening Online

We Know that 90% of Brain Development Occurs in the First 5 Years of a Child’s Life

• Increase coordination across systems of care to connect young children to screening and early intervention, including through the expansion of Help Me Grow.
• Increase use of essential Medi-Cal services,  especially dental, mental health, and vision services.
• Ensure all pregnant mothers and children ages 0–5 have affordable and comprehensive health insurance.
• Expand availability and geographic spread of health care providers  and professionals.

Tuolumne County Early Intervention


Schools participate in the smile keepers dental program

Percent of children under 21 with Medicaid, CHIP, or other public Health Insurance

number of children ages 0-5 screened and provided fluoride varnish

people receive CalFresh (foodstamp) benefits


percent of children with social emotional developmental screenings prior to kindergarten


of public school students receive special education services

percent of children fully vaccinated at kindergarten

years first 5 has been serving tuolumne county