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Quality Counts
Raising the Quality of Early Learning & Care

We are Improving Quality

Many of Tuolumne County Preschools, Family Child Care Homes, and Private Centers have been working hard to improve the quality of their programs.

Professional Development

In 2021/22 Early Childhood Educators in Tuolumne County spent over 1,059 hours building their own capacity and improve their ability to care for our children and earned 62 college units in Child Development.

Developmental Screenings

All of our licensed private and public sites were able to participate in learning about Developmental Screenings, which taught both the providers and parents how to use the Ages and Stages Questionairre.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning is foundational to early education.  In 2021/22 our early educators spent 197 hours of coaching supports on how to help develop their program to aid in positive social and emotional development.


In a way to show continuous growth and standardize what is proven to enhance the quality of our early education system, a rating system was created. Search Rated Programs below.
Quality Counts Rated Programs

Home Visitors, Family Advocates, and Family Engagement Staff

The “Quality Counts” Consortium in Tuolumne County is offering incentives for sites that serve families with home visiting and other family support activities to participate in quality improvement activities this year.
This information is for staff employed at:

  • ATCAA Tuolumne Home Base
  • ICES Raising Healthy Families
  • ATCAA Family Learning Center
  • Other sites with a family engagement focus

Questions can be relayed through the site supervisor or directly to Quality Counts to: 
Suzan Greenwood 533-00377 suzang@icesagency.org , 
Tina Cones, tinac@icesagency.org ,
Beth Barnett bbarnett@tcsos.us , 
Sarah Garcia  536-2070 

Connect to iPinwheel

All eligible Professional Development and Education must be submitted on the iPinwheel Database System.

Participants must use the iPinwheel database system to input:
(1) professional development hours (PD hours);
(2) college units, including attaching transcripts; and
(3) basic information including demographics and education level.

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